Gautam Gambhir on Virat Kohli: With the defeat of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Eliminator match of IPL yesterday, the round of criticism of Virat Kohli has also started. Former India captain Gautam Gambhir has also raised questions about Kohli’s leadership quality. Gambhir believes that Kohli has always lacked the kind of tactics and cleverness required to win a tournament like IPL. At the same time, he said that, to win the title, passion and energy are not everything, but a captain should have the ability to think two steps ahead throughout the match.

After the match, Gambhir said, “It has been a long time since he captained RCB in the IPL. Captaining a team for eight years is not a short time. As far as I believe, Virat was never a good strategist and neither was the field But the kind of shrewdness that is expected from a captain was in him. You have to be prepared for the game ahead in the event of defeat. Yes, there is no dearth of passion or energy in Kohli but it is enough to win the title. Not there.”

You have to think ahead in the game all the time – Gambhir

The former KKR captain said, “You always have to think ahead throughout the match. You can’t go ahead with the game and win important matches. That’s what the best T20 captain in the world does. Virat for a long time RCB And have been captaining Team India and if in terms of strategism or cleverness, he looks weak compared to other captains.

Gambhir calls de Villiers a genius

This year, the performance of RCB’s star batsman ‘Mr 360′ AB de Villiers has been very poor. It is also believed that this could prove to be de Villiers’ last season with RCB. Gambhir called de Villiers a genius of cricket. He said, “The only word I have for de Villiers is ‘Genius’. If any player has proved to be very difficult for me to face, it is De Villiers. He is nothing less than a nightmare for bowlers around the world. All the bowlers I have spoken to all over the world agree that de Villiers is the toughest in the world to bowl. However, being a genius, your main goal is to win the title and that is why team sports are played. ”

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