Interesting facts about Indian cricketers: You must have heard the players talking in the press conference before or after the cricket match. You must have also seen that when a player is unable to speak the English language properly, then how much fun he is made of. Recently, many such videos of Pakistani players went viral, in which they could not speak English properly and they were mocked on social media. However, have you ever thought that there are many such players in the Indian team who, despite being less educated, speak very good English.

Many such new players come to the Indian team who do not know how to speak English properly or they feel uncomfortable in the English language. This is because English is not spoken in the environment from which they come or the family they come from. However, after some time these players start speaking fluent English.

You must have seen that whenever Indian players go to the press conference, they are often asked questions in English and they answer them in English only. Not only this, when English commentators ask him questions, he also answers them easily. Now you will also have a question in your mind that how Indian players speak English so well and how their discomfort about the language is removed. Let us give you the answer now.

Actually, BCCI has been paying attention to this aspect for some time now and personality development classes are given for the players. Where they are taught to develop their personality along with teaching English. When players go on foreign tours, they are also sent with trainers, who also train them on trips.

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